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We caught up with the Adslot team to chat about why they pick Waffle each and every day to manage their GitHub issues and pull requests. We may be biased, but Adslot’s answer to question #4 may be our favorite.

What is Adslot and how are we impacting the world?
Adslot is a leading global ad tech company — 8 offices in 6 countries — building a trading platform (SaaS) for premium display advertising. At Adslot, we’re making the world a better place through growing our relationships with major global agencies and streamlining their ad sales workflow. Behind the scenes, we are integrated with a growing number of ad servers and finance systems which improves efficiency and provides significant value to our customers.
What was Adslot like before adopting Waffle?
Before waffle we were a confused mess of JIRA tickets and TFS user stories.  We had trouble representing our development process in story based systems in representing our progress in code focused systems.
What other products were you considering and why did you pick Waffle?
Trello was the main competitor that we were considering.  In the end it was the close integration with GitHub that got Waffle over the line.
What would you say to someone considering integrating Waffle into their workflow?
What’s your single most favorite Waffle feature?
Our favourite Waffle feature is the ability to use GitHub Issue Labels as either Waffle Card Labels or customised workflow columns.
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Kelli Hackethal

Kelli Hackethal

Kelli is Waffle's chief happiness officer. She spends her time sending you awesome swag and answering your support questions, taking pictures of our mascot TIF and hanging out with her dog, Izzie.