✨ Say hello to WaffleBot ✨

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At Waffle, our promise to you is to make project management painless for engineers. To that end, we’d like to introduce your new best friend, WaffleBot.

WaffleBot automatically moves your cards for you on your Waffle board, based on actions you do every day. Open a Pull Request? WaffleBot will move that card to show it’s ready to be reviewed.

Want to meet WaffleBot? Get started now!

But wait, Waffle already does these actions for me. Well, yes, but now you’ll see WaffleBot as the actor when anything magical happens, like so:


Now, your team can stay on the same page and know when WaffleBot is acting for them.

We’re also super excited to announce that WaffleBot doesn’t just work for your Waffle board, but will also work for GitHub Projects. What’s a GitHub Project, you ask? GitHub just launched their own version of an issue board, available as a tab on your repository.


We’re committed to helping you get work done in the most efficient way possible while keeping your team in the loop. We’re excited that GitHub is bringing a board interface into the core product, and we want to help out!

WaffleBot isn’t quite able to work for GitHub Projects, but we’re hard at work on it. Want to know when it launches? Sign up for alerts to hear when it ships!

What’s happening to Waffle’s board? Well, only the best. We’ll continue to invest in helping your team stay on the same page, with our Board and now with WaffleBot. We have a few more things up our sleeves too :).

Keep shipping,

Andrew & Team Waffle

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Andrew Homeyer

Chief Waffle Maker @ Waffle.io. All about solving the right problem for the right customer.