Space 48 Case Study

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We always love to hear about how Waffle has improved our customers’ workflow and productivity. We got the chance to hear first hand from Space 48 on how and why they’ve adopted Waffle into their business model. Check out the following to hear all about Space 48’s experience with Waffle!

What is Space 48 and how is it impacting the world?

Space 48 helps retailers become successful global brands, we build world class eCommerce solutions and are one of the leading UK Magento Enterprise Partners.

But how do we make a dent in the world? Well, we are the people behind, a one of a kind, not for profit conference for Magento developers. We wanted to give something back and help bridge the skills gap that is such a big problem so we created Mage Titans to help connect, collaborate and contribute to our community. The conference brings together the brightest minds in the Magento world, started here in Manchester in 2014 attracting speakers and visitors from all over the world the conference has also visited Milan Italy and will soon be arriving in Austin Texas before returning to Manchester November 2016. “Helping others whilst setting global standards!”


What was Space 48 like before Waffle?

A cold dark place. ok not quite. Prior to moving to Waffle we were using physical boards and paper cards. We wanted to get everyone bought into a Kanban system and with a growing team and lots of exciting projects we wanted to have maximum visibility and open and regular communication. We already had a robust work methodology but the Kanban system allowed us to start to see trends and bottlenecks in our process. After 12-months of embedding the new way of working we’d seen continued growth that meant we were literally running out of wall space with the physical system. We started to look at a way to take things on line.


What other products were you considering and why did you pick Waffle?

We had high expectations when we started looking and decided very early on that if we were going to adopt off-the-shelf software it had to fit to our process rather than require us to compromise. We have always used GIT as our revision control and source code management and wanted whatever we use to work alongside it. There were other options but almost all required either a slight change in process or a considerable effort on our side to customise the tool. We toyed with the idea of actually building our own system but when we found Waffle was Open Source and we could build on top of it we decided to take the plunge.


What would you say to someone considering integrating Waffle into their workflow?

Try it. One of the best qualities of Waffle is the low barrier to entry. If you’re already using Git it’s a matter of minutes before you have the basic functionality. If you have a vision of where you want to be then you’ll simply start to build from there.

How have you made Waffle work for Space 48’s specific way of doing development?

We modded it. We built our own Google Chrome widget to work alongside Waffle in the browser to give us additional functionality. We’re able to add internal and external estimates to Git which are shown in Waffle. We then track time against issues based on how long they have a Git label which corresponds to our Waffle columns. This way we know how long each item of dev has spent as it moves though our process. We’ve linked this to Waffle which gives us a visual indicator of items that are close to or over their estimates with a yellow or red outline. The last addition has been a developer overview which shows us at a glance which developers have an active issue and which are not assigned.


**Bonus! What’s your single most favorite Waffle feature?

I don’t know if this is a feature or just something we’ve done but we created a master repo and then assigned all our other repos to it, essentially allowing us to show all client’s repos on one board. We bought a big 4k TV and can show every piece of dev being worked on during our daily stand-ups.

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Kelli Hackethal

Kelli Hackethal

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